EUGENE, Ore. - After two puppies were thrown from an R.V. and left to die in an Albany store parking lot, Eugene dog rescue service "Sevadog" is taking care of them despite tough times.

The two puppies, Ginger and her brother Oliver are on their way to a full recovery. But unfortunately, Ginger broke her pelvis when shelter officials said she was thrown from an R.V. in Albany. Now, Sevadog is determined to get her feeling better.

Mandy Cracknell, owner of Sevadog, said that people could hear the puppies screaming after they were abandoned. She said although Sevadog is having some financial troubles right now, she couldn't refuse Ginger and Oliver.

Ginger is due for a $3,000 surgery tomorrow.

"She really just came out of her shell. She's just very happy and loving and she's just a regular puppy. It's a really unfortunate situation, but she'll pull through. She'll be fine," Cracknell said.

Sevadog is named for both the phrase "seva" which means "selfless service" and after Mandy's late dog, Seva.

After Oliver is neutered and Ginger recovers from her surgery, the puppies will be up for adoption.

To donate, visit their website at sevadog.org.