SevaDog takes in a Pit Bull rescued by Hope for Paws

We were honored to be a part of this rescue success story. The Huffington Post wrote a wonderful article on her journey to SevaDog. This Abandoned Pit Bull Was Almost Too Shy To Be Rescued. Now She Loves Everyone

A hamburger and a few kind words are usually enough to coax shy, abandoned dogs toward rescuers, but Bunny the Pit Bull was too scared.

She’d been burned before. The Los Angeles-based animal rescue Hope For Paws believes that Bunny was left to die by her former owners in the remote location where she was found — and without the intervention of a good Samaritan that left food to eat and alerted Hope For Paws, she might have.

As seen in the video above, Hope For Paws volunteers did manage to rescue Bunny by setting a cage trap and pretending to drive away. Once safe, she stayed in the trap’s cage until they arrived back at the rescue.

As soon as Bunny was out, though, she started shyly sniffing her rescuers and rested her head on the closest lap. She was affectionate, and excited to be among friends. Bunny the Pit Bull was safe, at long last.

Very much in contrast to the way Pit Bulls are often depicted, Annie Hart, who assisted in Bunny’s rescue, described her personality in an email to The Huffington Post as encompassing “the true spirit of the pitbull: so gentle, trusting.”

“After all the hardship she had been through, Bunny just wanted to feel love,” the video explains, showing the pup’s tail-wagging affection. Bunny is now up for adoption through Sevadog, an Oregon organization that helps dogs find forever homes, and spends her days playing nicely with fellow foster dogs.