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seva - the story

(SAY-VA) means "selfless service"

Seva was the first Pit Bull we ever brought home from the shelter. She nipped, ate our shoes, bolted out the front door, tried to eat our cat, and walks were a disaster. She snarled and lunged at other dogs and we found little support. 

Rather than sending her back to the shelter, We decided to learn how to fix the problem. We read every book. Went to every seminar and took classes we could find. Ultimately, her unconditional love became our driving force as we began to understand that she wasn't a bad dog, but rather misunderstood. Through dedication, love, and patience, Seva learned to play nice with other dogs, walk well on a leash, and even began sleeping with the cat.​

We lost Seva in a tragic car accident that broke our hearts. To mend the pieces we began giving other dogs a second chance; bringing them home to train and find new homes. Soon, requests for dogs that no longer had hope began coming from all over the states. We began working for other rescues and sharing what we had learned with dog owners in our community. Through this network and the support and encouragement of our friends and mentors, SevaDog was born in memory of our first love. 

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Mandy created SevaDog with her 4 kids. Losing the family dog Seva to a fatal car accident, inspired volunteering for shelters and rescues. After years of fostering, volunteering, and working in rescue, Mandy saw the need for a 'family rescue.'


A new approach connecting community resources with those in need while working as a family to help all dogs. Especially the ones with no where else to go. Mandy takes the time to get to know her dogs, teach them life skills, then connects them with adopters, and offers a lifetime of support on their way home. 


Ryan has been with SevaDog since 2016. He is a dedicated volunteer 7 days a week. Day or night, rain or shine you'll find Ryan running the Pit Crew, Little Dog Crew, dog training, caring for our dog boarding pups, and taking care of the property. We are very lucky to have Ryan in the SevaDog family! 


Dale is our weekday Pit Crew.  He came to SevaDog to build a fence, and fell in love with our dogs & our mission. He has been with us ever since!  The dogs love him and we are so lucky he decided to join the SevaDog family!   


​Kristen is one in a million. She is an animal advocate in our community helping our local shelter for many years.


Kristen volunteers full-time with the little dogs.  Without Kristen, there would be no little dog program.  We are incredibly lucky to have Kristen in the SevaDog family. 

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