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our partners

Each organization we've partnered with have made SevaDog possible. This is where quality and compassion come together. We are honored to work along side talented professionals with integrity.


Petco supports sevadog with donations, adoption events, and more. Please check our calendar for adoption days. They are held at the Gateway Mall in springfield. 

If you own a dog, you going to need a HOT collar and stylish tags. These are more than dog tags, but rather eye candy, designer jeweler, a way to express who your dog really is. Plus. they last forever!

Dog Tag Art & Hot Dog Collars show their love for our furry friends by donating to rescues that ensure safety and permanent homes. All our dogs wear these tags and you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up for email.


Fleas? Ticks? Vitamins? Heartworm? No matter what your pet needs, Pet Rescue Rx. can provide it. 100% off their profits are donated to the animal shelter or rescue of your choice. 


We appreaciate your continued support of SevaDog.

The Forgotten Dog has inspired our organization to network with rescues following the same principles. Offering a larger variety of dogs to choose from while saving more lives! 


We've partnered with TFDF to develop a  "Little Dog program" that we're very proud of. Our little dogs come from unimaginable backgrounds to recieve excellent care, both medically and emotionally. These little ones then come to us for training and rehoming. Thank you to to Linzi Glass for always encouraging me to keep going and for being my mentor. 

Bark Avenue Foundation (BAF) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare. BAF partners with communities and with other nonprofit organizations, understanding that collaboration is critical to its success. 


BAF prioritizes spay/neuter funding and programs, to stop the pet overpopulation problem at its source: unintended litters. It also supports pet owners, particularly those who are in at-risk and under-served populations (including the homeless), focused on pet retention and reclamation in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

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